Chin Reshaping

Nobody likes to have a weak chin that are sunken in. Plastic surgeons can change the shape of the chin by using facial implants. Chin implants can reshape the face and make it more proportional thus giving a patient a greater level of self-esteem. Some people opt for chin reshaping surgery after being injured in an accident whereas others desire it to change the shape of the face as it is in its natural state.

Chin reshaping can be done at a hospital on an outpatient basis. In some case the patient will be asleep by way of general anesthesia and in other cases the patient will receive local anesthesia which means they will be awake but the area will be sufficiently numb so as not to cause a great deal of discomfort and pain.

The area to be operated on will be thoroughly cleansed and then the surgeon will either make small incisions inside the lower lip or else will make the incisions in natural crease lines of the face. When it comes to chin surgery sometimes the incision is made directly under the chin and the chin bone is moved slightly for contouring purposes before the implant is put into place. Chin implants are put in place through the incisions that are made in the skin. Once they are in place the incisions are then carefully closed by the surgeon by way of small sutures.

Swelling and bruising will be after products of chin reshaping but you should see an improvement in both after a period of two weeks or less. A patient of these kinds of surgeries will also experience a mild level of discomfort for which the surgeon can prescribe pain medication. If the pain becomes excruciating then this is a sign that something is very wrong so it is essential to go see your doctor right away for treatment. It is recommended that a patient who has chin implantation surgery take at least one to two weeks off from work in order to allow for adequate healing and plenty of rest during the recuperation period.

A follow-up appointment will be necessary to check to see how well your chin implants are healing and to answer any of your questions. Some patients who encounter problems may need to come back for a number of follow-up appointments while others might even need to have a second operation. Shifting for example might be a reason to have another surgery. Shifting is when the implant moves slightly out of alignment and even a small movement can wreck havoc with facial proportions and structure.

All these pictures are actual patients of Dr. Humayun done in Pakistan

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