Our Mission


We know that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. When you know what you want in life, head straight for it. Our philosophy in establishing and developing innovative surgical methods has followed this basic advice. We know that life is more interesting, exciting and fulfilling when you make choices which inspire you. We accept only the best and so should you. We embrace change. You reap the benefits from our commitment to this idea.

Why? Why bother to change what works? If you read the preceding portions about wigs and early surgical methods that question answers itself. At each stage of evolution in any process one critical function is self-examination and improvement of the process, whether through technical means – technological improvements, technique – by medical personnel, or artistic training and practice.

A vision is only as good as the visionary. If dreaming is all you do you will never achieve. The reason our methods of hair transplantation have superceded other previous methods is due to the application of that vision. We tested and applied our method and now it has become the standard by which care is provided worldwide.

We are very proud of our technical and surgical advancements, but we are equally proud of our artistry. While many people might be able to invent and develop a tool, how many people become so proficient with it as to be called artists? The first computers were little more than calculators by today’s standards. Now, on most every desktop there is enormous power available. Yet, how many people use the machine to its fullest potential? How many explore beyond the basic needs of their job title?

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