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Thermage is the premier solution for skin tightening and contouring.

Thermage delivers natural results with next to no downtime. for patients–with the industry’s only single treatment, non-invasive procedure. That means it’s the right fit for patient’s lifestyle.

As the pioneer of non-invasive skin tightening. Thermage has a track record of success in patient demand, clinical results, advanced technology and constant innovation. Best of all Thermage is one of the most demanded procedures a patient needs in a practice.


Thermage is the only device to use monopolar capacitively couples radiofrequency (RF) energy. This patented technology enables deep, uniform, volumetric heating that other systems simply can’t deliver.

While light-based device and other RF technologies treat the superficial skin layers, Thermage can reach deep into the derms and subcutaneous tissue.

Each treatment tip features a unique heating profile, enabling RF energy to penetrate the dermis and subcutaneous tissue at different depths to tighten existing collagen and stimulate new growth. 

Power and flexibility at your fingertips

With the range of Thermage tips, each engineered for a different application, you can treat a wide variety of patients with a single platform.

Results speak for themselves

Before Treatmentthermage before3 After Thermage Treatmentthermage after3

Before Thermage
thermage before4 2 Months Post Treatmentthermage after4

The innovative Thermage Body Tip

Deep contouring to give your patients the body shaping and cellulite results

With the Thermage Body Tip, you can provide effective body treatments in half the time-and with greater comfort. With five times the coverage of standard body tips and featuring innovative Comfort Pulse Technology, the Thermage Body Tip takes body shaping to new levels of speed and comfort.

  • Deliver impressive results twice as fast
  • Offer patients greater comfort during the procedure with Comfort Pulse Technology
  • Ensure high patient satisfaction through both the procedure experience and the results

The Thermage Body Tip employs Comfort Pulse Technology, a new energy delivery method designed to improve patient comfort while maximizing efficacy. The body Handpiece enables this innovative technology to deliver the energy with short, rapid pulses at varying energy levels over the duration of the Radiofrequency Energy Pulse, which provides deep heating of the tissue at a therapeutic level that patients find easily tolerable.

Before Thermagebefore thermage 6 Months Post Treatmentthermage afterBefore Thermage Treatmentthermage before22 Months Post Treatment
thermage after2Proven Results for body shaping and cellulite reduction


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